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I’ve been blamed as being a speaker with a level of energy and enthusiasm that prevents people from getting their afternoon naps. I enjoy engaging groups of any size and have come to realize that what happens while I’m in the spotlight is important, but what it inspires people to do afterward is essential.

 Public speaking is one of my favorite aspects of entrepreneurship. Every opportunity to address a crowd is a chance to meet new people, foster new relationships, inspire change.

 My approach is one part therapy session (mine, not yours), one part stand-up comedy routine, and two parts educational. If we’re not all engaged and having a good time, chances are, you won’t remember much or be inspired to implement what you learned.

 I believe that I’ve learned at least as much from falling on my backside as I have from achieving success. I’ve come to realize that the more comfortable I am with myself, the more comfortable I am on stage. Some of the biggest wins I’ve had in my speaking engagements have come from outing some of my biggest fails in _______ (fill in the blank: business, life, running a nonprofit, parenting, etc.). Revealing the elements that make me human, help audiences relate to me, trust me, and believe in me.

 And then when I have them completely under my spell, I move in for the kill – I teach, I motivate, and I inspire. My speeches, while inspirational, also serve to introduce new ideas, new strategies and twists on old ideas, and give renewed excitement to nonprofit leaders about the good they’re doing in the world.

Reaching Your Target - Conference Speaker 2022

Signature Topics


The Other ‘V’: Communicating your Value


Is Your Net Working?: Networking with intention


Elevator Speeches that won’t have people running for the stairs

Previous Engagements

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