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How to 'Conference' like Nobody's Business

 I spent this past week in Goldsboro, North Carolina for the state's Main Street Conference, (say it with me!) THE LARGEST STATE-WIDE DOWNTOWN REVITALIZATION CONFERENCE IN THE COUNTRY! I don't Read More »

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I’ve been blamed as being a speaker with a level of energy and enthusiasm that prevents people from getting their afternoon naps. I enjoy engaging groups of any size and have come to realize that what happens while I’m in the spotlight is important, but what it inspires people to do afterward is essential.

Public speaking is one of my favorite aspects of entrepreneurship. Every opportunity to address a crowd is a chance to meet new people, foster new relationships, inspire change. 


I envision my facilitation services to be the “teach a man to fish” part of that age-old hyperbole. I attribute my talent as a skilled facilitator to several factors:

• My natural sense of curiosity
• Experience interviewing people during my professional writer days
• My impish ability to play the devil’s advocate
• My constant need to learn new things and from new perspectives
• And my desire to hand people ideas, tools, perspectives that may be new to them and observe what they’ll do with them.


I’m on a mission to teach nonprofit leaders how to run their organization like a business, because that’s what it is – literally. The first step in forming a nonprofit organization is setting up an LLC entity through your state corporation commission.

I enjoy working with organizational leaders to
create and communicate their value proposition, evaluate and adjust the budget for sustainability and growth, and construct well-written programs that are easily communicated and funded.

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