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Short articles meant to give nonprofit and small business leaders advice, thoughts, questions and suggestions regarding all sorts of “hats” they wear. There’s even a blog about why you shouldn’t wear all those hats! I hope you’ll find them informative and fun.

JEG YouTube Channel

 I’ve created videos to help small and nonprofit business leaders think through some of the common challenges they face. I’ve tried to keep them brief…but it turns out I have a lot of words! Check out 2 Minutes with Joe when you’re short on time, and Top Brass when you have more minutes to dive in and really explore a topic. My favorites are the videos with guests. I’d love to hear which ones are your favorites – please leave me comments on the videos!

Courses Available

One of the great things about being asked to teach seminars and facilitate workshops is that I get to create seminars and workshops! But typically only one set of participants gets the benefit of that presentation. SO, I’ve fixed that with my online resource hub at Podia. Click below and find pre-recorded versions of several of the seminars/workshops I’ve created, including – in many cases – the handouts to download.

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