Community Relations Specialist
Certified Nonprofit Manager
Accredited Small Business Consultant



About Me

This site is dedicated to showcasing my career on a more personal level. Sharing with you the articles and blogs that I publish, the videos I make and the speaking engagements I am honored to present. My career, although varied, has allowed me to earn a deeper understanding and hone skills in the areas of economic development, marketing and communications, strategic planning, community and business event management, workforce development, process improvement, and government relations.


I have a Business Management degree from George Mason University. I’m a certified nonprofit manager, a published author and a professional speaker. I’m most proud to be a community relations specialist. I am always happier when I’m around people. I am less productive when I work from home because I enjoy the energy and interactions that happen when you work in an office atmosphere.



Personal Life


I began working at the age of 14, determined to earn enough money to shed the eye glasses that made me feel nerdy and awkward and purchase my first pair of contact lenses, thereby giving me instant cool status…or so I imagined. I became assistant manager of a restaurant at the age of 16 and have a very eclectic mix of job experience including retail sales, kitchen and bathroom planning, payroll management, human resources administration, domestic goddess, professional writer, nonprofit manager, and now entrepreneur.


Although I’m a native of Maryland, I’ve been in Virginia for most of my life and consider it to be ‘home’. I graduated from high school and college here, raised two fine young men here, bought my first home all by myself here and started a company of my own here.



Resonance, LLC


Originally, I branded my company as a community relations firm since my natural professional talents and joys are aligned with the job title of community relations specialist. If you Google it you’ll see phrases and words like “builds contacts”, “nurtures relationships”, and planning, managing and organizing. All of that describes me to a T.


After a few years in business, I realized that while my company is an extension of me, it is taking on a life of its own and so I decided that we both deserve our own place in this world. And so, Resonance, LLC has morphed into a management consulting firm, specializing in consulting with nonprofit organizations to help them transition into operating like a business.



Public Speaking


I can remember a time when addressing a crowd would have me breaking out into a very unattractive sweat. Somewhere along the path to entrepreneurship, I learned that if I didn’t speak up my business would never get off the ground. It’s amazing what you learn you’re capable of when determination takes over.


I now find speaking to be one of my favorite aspects of business. Every opportunity to address a crowd is a chance to meet new people, foster new relationships, build more contacts. Even better, it gives me the opportunity to share with others the things I’ve learned and help them with their own journey in the world of business.